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About The Band

Nubian Sounds is the limitless blue skies of Texas meeting the dream inspiring bright lights of NYC along the sweetness of a beautiful Georgia summer. A self-titled folkified-funk/rock&soul act, Nubian Sounds is an amalgam of soul-infused ballads and gut wrenching lyrics laid atop flawless instrumentation. They are currently completing their Freshman EP entitled “Our History is Now..” An exciting collaborative effort of musicians Nicole Goolsby, Erika Allen and Deen Norton; their sound has been described as “…an interesting project that needs to be heard..undoubtedly entertaining fans of something new and powerful..”

With influences stemming from female-singer/songwriters of the past 3 decades, classical composers of the Romantic era to black female authors, fondly remembered grandmothers, and grade school music teachers, “Our History Is Now..” is the light and the dark, the wildly colorful and wide range of the black woman in America’s very unique and oft trivialized experience.

The EP’s first single, “The Train Song”, begins with an angst-riddled chorus that illustrates the emotional nature of a woman who is experiencing a state of confusion and disorder. “Emotions run deep..” tells you exactly which and where the parts of her are that are being ignited by her current dilemma. The train imagery in the song is interwoven through not only the lyrics but also the instrumentation and pulls your mind away with it as it leaves the station with a final sound of it’s ominous horn. Tracks Fire and Muensters each have their own trove of secrets waiting to be unleashed as well. Providing insight into many of the intricate and complex emotions experienced by women worldwide, Nubian Sounds has provided content to resonate with humanity in all it’s forms.

“Our History is Now…” does an amazing job of bringing the multi-dimensional reality of these three women into a tangible, relevant and singular listening experience. It paints an auditory landscape of thousands of years of black women’s politically charged experiences on Earth culminated here in the present day. Traditional values meet new-aged and innovative means to tell a story that hasn’t had it’s due telling. Nubian Sounds and their project “Our History is Now..” is dedicated to lending it’s current focus to the uplifting and empowerment of black women to tell their stories in all languages.

Nubian Sounds Performing at Center Stage Vinyl



Nubian Sounds performing at Smith’s Olde Bar

Nubian Sounds performing live



Nubian Sounds